From our President & CEO
The Family & Youth Services Bureau was founded over forty years ago because all families will eventually experience some difficult situation and often can benefit from an impartial person who can listen and advise.

FYSB staff are prepared to help and do so with a "Strengths Based" approach. What that means is that our staff focuses on the positive qualities the family already possesses and uses those strengths in mind when working through current situations.

Building on a family's positive strengths reminds the family they already have some of the necessary tools for change. After some intervention families can then move forward with new tools and their own strengths. Showing families they have the ability to make positive changes is what we're all about.

Lisa Jordan President & CEO
Invest in Your Community
We consider each and every gift we receive as an investment in not only our agency, but in your community.

When people are able to create a better life for themselves, it benefits us all.

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Anger Management Group
for Teens
Agency continues
to build programs
that respond
to community needs
The Family & Youth Services Bureau recently finished the first of hopefully many Anger Management Groups for some of our teenage clients. The 12-week program was first discussed nearly a year ago as a response to the needs of some clients and the County Probation Office.

“There is a need for some teens to develop strategies to handle aggressive behavior, “ says group coordinator Chris Johanssen, LMHC, LCAC. “In the 90 minute weekly sessions we cover topics such as how to deal appropriately with negative emotions, developing an anger control plan, and breaking the anger habit. Johanssen, who has led anger management groups for 16 years in other agencies, focuses on a format for conflict and resolution that anyone can use in daily life.

The group that recently ended consisted of six young men aged 15 to 18, and all were referred by the Probation Department. Plans are to offer an Anger Management Group as needed, with the next group beginning in September 2016.

Participation in the group is not limited to referrals from the Probation Office; if anyone feels they know a teen that can benefit from a group like this, please contact Chris Johanssen at 219-464-9585 or
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